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Law Firm SaaS Adoption: Integrate, Innovate & Protect

26. Oktober 2022
16:00 – 17:00

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Graham Haldane
Technical Director, Morae
Matteo Pagani
Global CEO
Co-Flo Enterprise

Law firms

With adoption of SaaS technologies trending among legal professionals, demand is also growing for integrated solutions that can work across disparate platforms. Join Morae as we discuss, evaluate and demonstrate innovative solutions for managing information, client onboarding and matter management. We’ll talk about the importance of:

  • Basing business decisions on real world law firm metrics, drawing from multiple information repositories to provide insights into the needs and wants of clients and their departments.

  • Streamlining the client intake process, enabling professionals to act rapidly on work requests in a controlled and governed manner.

  • Leveraging key Microsoft 365 products alongside your best-in-class legal technology platforms to provide a seamless, powerful experience for legal professionals and business leaders.

  • Protecting your firm’s information assets by enabling IT and InfoSec departments the ability to provide timely cyber security and information governance guidance and advice to their businesses.

About the speaker


Graham has been working in the legal industry for 20 years; with time spent working for vendors, partners and international law firms.  As Technical Director he performs the role of trusted business advisor to a wide portfolio of law firms and professional services organisations.  Providing valuable, objective industry insight and guidance to ensure clients maximise the use of their enterprise solutions. + special guests

Matteo has been working in the Professional Services Technology sector for over 15 years. As COO of a technology consultancy and software solutions provider, Matteo gained deep experience in professional services processes and business management best practice. Matteo also spent time as Information Technology Manager for a leading law firm – giving him even deeper exposure to both the strategic and day-to-day demands of Professional Services operations.
Matteo has been the driving force behind the Co-Flo technology platform and manages Co-Flo operations across Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa

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