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For leading and innovative providers
  • Are you a leading and innovative provider of services or  applications for law firms, legal departments or compliance departments? Do you want to provide practice-relevant expertise? Then the Legal Revolution webinars are made for you!

  • In the LR Webinars, you convey specialist knowledge from your field of expertise to the participants. In doing so, you present your solutions to a high-profile, relevant audience, e.g. in a live demo or presentation. There's no better way to win new clients!

  • Legal Revolution Webinars are your "individual congress fair with visitor guarantee"!

Convey and share specialist knowledge!

Your expertise and experience is at the core of the Legal Revolution Webinars. The webinars are more than just another product presentation. They are the best platform to really demonstrate your expertise in the most tangible and in depth manner.

The LR Webinars give you, as a provider, the chance to convey your specialist knowledge relevant to the participants using your solution as an example and thus convince them of your service or application.

What does that mean?

An example: If you offer outsourcing software for financial services companies, you do not simply start your presentation by showing the participants the input mask in which the user enters the outsourcing officer but by explaining what the outsourcing officer is (including by naming the relevant standard, in this case AT 9 para. 12 MaRisk) and how your software supports the tasks of the outsourcing officer.

The starting point for the webinars are the needs of participants. From there, providers explain how particular product features can solve and serve the participant needs.

Another example: If you offer process automation software for law firms, you first address best practices in the process organization of law firms and only then address how your software solution digitizes workflows, etc. You thus place your product in its (legal, business and/or technical) context and introduce the participant from the general to the concrete solution.

We are happy to help you with the preparation of your webinar.

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